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In October each year, we hold our annual Poetry Jam to celebrate National Poetry Day. Mrs Carra, English Queen, welcomed our very own St Augustine's 'Poet Laureate', who thought our school was so amazing he wrote us a poem - see below.

Congratulations to our whole class performances from YR, Y1 and Y2, and our finalists from Y3 (Neve), Y4 (Sophie), Y5 (Freya) and Y6 (Seb and Rose), including some poems written by the children themselves! The overall winner was Neve - for her confident, heartfelt delivery. Well done! 

Poem for St Augustine's, by Bruce Williams, our new "Poet Laureate"

At St. Augustine’s we’ve got room

           “What? Like a classroom do you mean?”

           Well, yes, there’s those, where lessons bloom,

           But also break-times, in between,

           We have a lot of room outside,

           Some climbing frames, a little trike,

           Such choice to play the way we like,

           A real canoe that we can ride,

Across a tarmac ocean wide.


At St. Augustine’s we can see the sea.

At St. Augustine’s we can climb a tree.


Above the great assembly hall,

Once up the steps, when we can look,

The sloping ceiling seems so tall,

We can enjoy our favourite book,

Like nurseries it sows its seed.

Our library’s graced by royalty,

The head of Queen Nefertiti,

           Looks blankly at the books we read,

           That room has everything we need.


           At St. Augustine’s we can learn to be

           Best versions of ourselves, both you and me.