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St Augustine's Online Safety Newsletters

These short, helpful must-reads will keep you informed about what's happening in the online world so many of our children visit. They include an up-to-date monthly round up of what is currently trending as well as updates and changes to existing platforms.

Content includes benefits, risks and how to set parental controls for different devices, platforms, games, apps and social media; explanation of age ratings and the reasons behind them; how to report concerns; and information for parents about chat rooms and virtual/real in-app purchases. 

Starting conversations with your child about their life online from the earliest age will open conversations that will become more and more valuable as they grow older. Read our newsletters to make sure you know more than they do! 

We teach the children about Online Safety through our RHE and Computing curriculums, as well as additional sessions throughout the year, both planned or in response to any current concerns. If you need additional support, please contact school leaders or your class team.

Here's what some parents have to say about our Online Safety Newsletters...

Before your online newsletters, I was worried the kids knew more about their online world and games than I did. Now I feel so much more aware and informed. I even find the sections for much older children interesting so I'm one step ahead for once!

MinecAt last I'm able to have conversations with my Year 5 child about what they want to do online and what the risks are.

The latest and past editions of our Online Safety Newsletters are below. Here's the low-down on what's covered in each one...

December 2023

Minecraft- the low-down; age ratings for different apps and why they matter; game play toxicity; parents' guide to AI (Artificial Intelligence); Snapchat - risks, new Family Centre and safety features and tips; fake profiles and cyberbullying.

November 2023

Playing safe on a Playstation; Ollee - a virtual friend that gives ideas and advice to help your child with how they are feeling; Roblox (rating, what to be aware of, reporting abuse and setting parental controls and pins); Tiktok (setting up a private account, family pairing, inappropriate content, themes and challenges, blocking and reporting); WhatsApp (what parents should be aware of with its new editing feature); EA Sports FC 24 (chat, in-app purchases and what parents should know).

October 2023

Parental controls: how to set up on PlaystationXBox, and Nintendo SwitchLivestreamingPlaying games online; suggestions of great apps for building your child's skills and developing new interests; teen game Scary Teacher 3D; Lloyds Bank's resources to teach your child about money.

September 2023

The W App - anonymous polls; keeping safe at school photo time; Meta parental supervision tools; Threads (new from Meta - the makers of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, similar in design to Twitter); Roblox new checklist; where to check age ratings of films, apps , social media and games; resources to help you talk about life online with a child who has speech, language and communication needs.

July 2023

Quora (question and answer site); reporting to social media sites; Safe Searching including parental controls and what you could do if your child sees something inappropriate online; understanding searching in more detail; online hoaxes and challenges, including how to deal with threats if children do not complete the challenges; managing screen time in the holidays; Vinted scams; children's online safety testvirtual reality.

June 2023

Rec roomsocial media influencersOmegle (an anonymous social chat room by text or video for strangers to meet); Money savvy online fraud and scams); JusTalk and JusTalk Kids; free webinar for parents to keep children aged 0-5 safe when using online devices; Moneysavvy online, which explores frauds and scamsdigital game currency, 'money mules', a savings challenge and money and mental health; a parent's guide to Artificial Intelligence (AI); and Snapchat AI.

May 2023

Snapchat update: My AI; Fortnite; 'Capture - who's looking after your children?' (15 min FT drama exploring online harm, regulation and responsibility); Minecraft Legends; Rocket League; Microsoft Family Safety App, including how to set screen time, filters and blocking; tackling online hateonline grooming

April 2023

Sendit; Anime TV; being unkind online; 'internet manners'; BeReal; Snapchat update: Family Centre, where you can see who your child is friends with on Snapchat and limit content by filtering; Tiktok update: 60 minute screen time notification option and family pairing new features allowing you to limit screen time, mute notifications at set times, and a screen time dashboard showing you breakdowns of time and access; when should a child get their own phone?

March 2023

Hollie Guard app, allows you to check your child during their journey, receive notifications when they have arrived, and allows your child to notify you in an emergency; how to set up your phone to call the emergency services even when locked; everything you need to know about Tiktok; Roblox: what are jump scares?; discussion guides: how to start conversations with your child about different online issues; Nintendo Switch set-up; Hanni and the Magic Window (a story aimed at 3-7 year olds about speaking out and getting help if something goes wrong online); children's coding activities 

February 2023

How old is your child online?; PUBG (Player Unknown's Battlegrounds); HiPal - Walkie Talkie social media app for teens; Fall Guys - what to be aware of; Instagram new features including quiet mode, recommendations, hidden words, updated parental supervision tools; Sky Broadband Shield - free tools to make the internet safer for all the family; Spotify grooming concerns; Gacha Life - what parents need to know

January 2023

Broadband/Wifi set-up including Sky, BT, Talk Talk and Virgin; how to test your internet filter; Minecraft - 7+ and 12+ versions; what parents should know about WhatsApp; Whizz - make new friends app for teens; is YouTube safe?; safety guide to TikTok

December 2022

Instagram; personalised digital toolkit; parental controls for Christmas gifts including games/consoles - Playstation, XBox, Nintendo Switch, tablets/smartphones, iPhones/ipads and Google Play; guides to being kind onlinecyberbullying including how can the law help me?; online safety with Google; CEOP updated 4-7 website and guide; screentime advice

November 2022

Anti-bullying week 2022; advice for Early Years children online; Roblox - updates and what parents need to know; Discord - social chat site used by gamers such as Fortnite users; guide to how social media algorithms work; Yubo social media app for teens/adults

October 2022

Online space challenges with author Oliver Jeffers; Snapchat update including new family centre and safety tips; what parents need to know about BeReal; is your child ready for social media?; WhatsApp update - new privacy features; viewing films safely online

September 2022

Instagram privacy, safety and supervision settings; chatting to younger children about staying safe online; online games - hidden horror/sinister/survival elements; times tables app; Omegle - chat website connecting strangers