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Headteacher: Mrs Nicola Clarke

BA (Hons) English Literature (First Class); PGCE; CCRS; CEPQH; NPQH
Mrs Clarke when she was in Year 6 at St Augustine's


Before becoming a teacher, I was fortunate enough to live and work all over the world, from Egypt to Thailand, and have travelled extensively ever since. I previously worked at a senior level in internationally renowned blue-chip businesses in the Publishing, Travel and Marketing sectors. 

My passion, however, is for education and the opportunity to inspire and transform the lives of children and young people. I have worked in and led a diverse range of schools for over two decades and have taught in every year group from Reception to Year 6.

I am also the very lucky owner of our school dog, Molly.

It is an absolute joy and privilege to now lead the school I love - all my children came here and I even came to this school myself.

School Leaders

Senior Leader/SENCO: Sarah Thompson

Mrs Thompson when she was in Year 4 at St Augustine's

I have worked within education now for 20 years! I have taught across the entire range of ages and year groups in primary, and have also taught in Key Stage Three. I have always had a love for learning and feel passionately about ensuring our children become life-long learners because of the experiences that they have at school.

I only recently moved back to Hythe, after spending 19 years in Oxfordshire, where I worked as a Headteacher of my own 1.5 form entry primary school until relocating. I also had strong links with teacher training and worked in advisory roles across different Academy Trusts, with a focus on teaching and learning, inclusion and behaviour which led me into my SENCO position. I am loving my role as SENCo and Senior Leader at St Augustine's, as it enables me to utilise my skills, whilst working with wonderful people and enabling me to be more flexible around my own children as well.

Early Years/Key Stage 1 Leader: Emma Folkard

Mrs Folkard on World Book Day when she was at primary school

I've known I wanted to work with children from a very early age and my greatest inspiration was my reception class teacher, Mrs Briggs.  This lovely lady also ended up being my mentor when I started teacher training and, believe it or not, she recognised me at the age of 20 from her class when I was 5.  

I am now beginning to see my pupils from my first classes finishing university and starting their adult lives.  It never fails to amaze me when they come up to me in the street and I see what fantastic young adults they've become.

Before entering the teaching profession, I trained as a nursery practitioner, and that's when I realised it really is possible to get a job where I get to play all day!

I love my job and I love St Augustine's.  It's the most rewarding feeling to see a whole family of children come through your class and continue to grow and learn, and I'm looking forward to one day teaching their children too!

Key Stage 2 Leader: Jo Flaifil

Mrs Flaifil when she was at primary school

Since qualifying as a teacher in 2008, I have taught across the year groups, predominantly in year six. This is my second Phase Leader appointment and I have previously led on school curriculum design as part of the role. 

During a break from the classroom, I was a director for an independent Forest School, gaining a forest school leader qualification and a wealth of experience about how nature can be used to inspire young minds. Despite all the joy working outdoor brought me, nothing quite replaced the passion for teaching in a school environment which is why I made the decision to return to full -time teaching as part of the St Augustine’s team. 

As a mum of five, family life is busy but I try to find the time to unwind with the multitude of creative hobbies I have acquired over the years! 

Teaching staff

Year R (Early Years) Team

Mrs Folkard on World Book Day when she was at primary school


Miss Hill when she was in Reception

Year 1 Team

Mrs Hagger when she was in Year 1

Mrs Hogben when she was in Year 1

Year 2 Team

Miss Salter when she was in YR (or Y1!)

Mrs Wilkinson

Miss Herwin when she was in Year 2 at St Augustine's

Year 3 Team

Miss Witz when she was at primary school


Mr Morris when he was in Year 3

Mrs Ashford

Miss Witz when she was at primary school

Year 4 Team

Mrs Carra when she was at primary school

Mrs Foster

Mrs Bowman when she was in Year 6

Year 5 Team

Mrs Watson

Mrs Foster when she was at a primary school that didn't have a uniform!


Mrs Halsall when she was in Year 1 at St Augustine's

Year 6 Team

Mrs Flaifil when she was at primary school

Mrs Newton when she was in Year 6


Office, site and support staff

Office Manager

Mrs Knight when she was in Year 6 at St Augustine's



Mrs Goodwin

Site Manager

Mr Floyd

Site Team/Midday Supervisors

Mrs Fellows

Mrs Irons

Mrs Petty when she was in Reception

Chartwells Catering Team

Mrs Dickson when she was at secondary school

Miss Payne when she was in Reception

Mrs James when she was at secondary school


Our School Dog

Molly Clarke when she was a puppy


Local Governance Committee


Ivan Hart (Catholic Life, Safeguarding and Health & Safety)

Foundation Governors

Daniel Coleman (Catholic Life and Curriculum)

Kevin Sheridan (Finance)

Simon Fisher (Finance)

Parent Governors

Jeremy Graham (Health & Safety and Epic Play)

Suzanna Hellawell (Quality of Education)

Jancy Prabha (Quality of Education)

Annabel de Souza (Safeguarding)

Clerk to the Local Governance Committee

Samantha Paterson

Kent Catholic School's Partnership Trust

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